Boxer Champion Multi

€ 2.795,00*
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Size: 110cm x 70cm x 215cm
Weight: 116 kg


What is not possible in a real boxing ring is easily possible with the Boxer Champion Multi: up to six people can compete against each other to determine the champion.

The Boxer Champion Multi is a state-of-the-art boxing machine with an attractive appearance. The top model in our range offers excellent entertainment options in various areas and will attract crowds to the clout competition. In addition to the impact, the speed and reflexes of the participants can also be measured, which are recorded electronically and displayed on the integrated digital display. The performances of the individual boxers are also commented on by one of several selection votes.

The Boxer Champion Multi boxing machine is extremely robust and can withstand even the hardest punches over many years. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

- Available in standard optics or with any desired graphic
- Power comment with multiple voices to choose from
- Available in different languages
- Impact, speed and reflex measurement
- Smooth electronics
- Electronic system for car diagnostics
- Adjustable degree of impact
- Programmable electronic projector
- Record setting
- Credit function
- Electronic counter
- Full service
- CE certificate

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