Mega 4-in-a-row, 115X82 cm, ECO hardwood

€ 259,99*
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Customizable to your wishes
Size: 115 x 82 cm
Transport bag
This product can be customized to your wishes!

The well-known 4 in a row, but in Mega size! Made from beautiful Indian hardwood, ecologically produced. This game is the famous 4 in a row. Strategy, insight, overview and tactics are central. Make 4 in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
The frame is beautifully made of English alder wood and rosewood, which ensures a high quality with a natural appearance. Our factory in India pays attention to the details and makes a beautiful whole so that playing becomes a pleasure.

There is a removable wooden base at the bottom of the set to drop the playing discs out of the frame at the end of the game.

With the set you receive:
- English alder plywood board, 115 cm by 82 cm !!
- Rosewood legs and removable base plate
- 42 pieces each 13 cm large plastic playing discs (21 red, 21 black)
- Nylon storage bag (for the playing discs)

Note: you can choose from: - set without wheels (259 euros) - with wheels (319 euros) - With storage bag (299 euros)

Note: as an option we give you the option to personalize the game. See the example of the Jack Daniels discs.

We are happy to produce this device according to your wishes. Size, color, features - we can adapt everything.

Visit us and convince yourself of the quality of our products. Buy event modules directly from the manufacturer- at unbeatable prices.

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