PVC repair Solution Tape 100x15,2cm

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PVC / Vinyl. PVC Solution Tape is a special repair tape that can be applied to PVC / Vinyl. PVC Solution Tape does not discolour and does not dry out. This is because a substance has been added to this tape to prevent this. With PVC Solution Tape, a crack or hole in PVC can be permanently corrected. The attached photo clearly shows that the PVC Solution Tape (middle) stays good, while other patches quickly discolor and dry out.

PVC Solution Tape has been used successfully for years for the repair of inflatables, truck sails, swimming pools, PVC windows in caravans, trailer covers, trampoline edges, inflatables, water beds and other PVC products.

The special properties of PVC Solution Tape:

• extremely strong
• waterproof
• airtight
• very elastic
• does not discolour
• extremely versatile
• does not dry out
• permanent

We are happy to produce this device according to your wishes. Size, color, features - we can adapt everything.

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