Shuffle Slinghot

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Size: 52x9x40cm
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Is shuffling increasingly difficult because the force in your hands is not large enough to push the shuffles hard enough? No worries! With the shuffle catapult you can participate again with all those cozy jars.The shul slingshot was invented by mr. Tromp when his wife found it increasingly difficult to play her favorite game, shuffleboard. He developed a prototype that shuffles the shuffle stones.Together with Heemskerk, this prototype has been further developed to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible. And we succeeded!The shuffle catapult consists of a wooden frame with firing mechanism and a plastic tube, which fits all 30 shuffle stones. You don't have to load the shuffle catapult again and again with a new shuffle stone.Now it's just a matter of aiming, pulling the firing mechanism towards you and pushing the lever. The shuffle stone automatically shoots towards the right gate.The shuffle catapult is ideal for anyone who still wants to shuffle, but this is no longer possible due to insufficient strength in the hands.

We are happy to produce this device according to your wishes. Size, color, features - we can adapt everything.

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