Stack Tower game, up to 90 cm high, ECO pine tree wood

€ 89,99*
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Customizable to your wishes
Size: 60 cm
Transport bag
This product can be customized to your wishes!

The famous tower game: who removes a block from the pile without it falling over?
And then in the BIG! You receive 56 beautifully shaped wooden blocks, so that you can build a 19-storey tower, preferably 60 cm high! The intention is to remove a stone from the block tower and place it on top of the pile. The one who makes the tower fall is the loser. The tower can become more than a meter high!

- 56 wooden blocks, each 18 cm x 6 cm x 3.2 cm
- Luxury carrying bag / storage bag
- 10 kg.

The blocks are relatively light, making it safer for smaller children and also easier to transport. If you want a larger, heavier set, choose the Giga stone tower, then the blocks are made of hardwood. Note: play this game with policy: the players must stand at all times during the game, and pay attention that the tower does not fall over. Children should be supervised by adults.

We are happy to produce this device according to your wishes. Size, color, features - we can adapt everything.

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