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The Easy-Jumper bungee trampoline trailer easily provides spectacular event action! The system includes four pre-assembled, round trampolines with a practical folding system that are permanently integrated on a trailer. This makes the 4-person bungee trampoline easy to transport, and it is also relatively simple to set up. It can be assembled by one person alone in about three quarters of an hour. When fully assembled, the bungee trampoline rises more than five metres into the air.

This makes the bungee trampoline an unmissable highlight at events of all kinds. Secured by bungee ropes, up to four people can perform daring jumps at the same time and enjoy a brief moment of weightlessness. And thanks to the high-quality, tested safety equipment with stable centre construction, resistant latex or rubber ropes and comfortable hip belts, it is an absolutely safe pleasure.

Bungee Trampoline
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