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Rodeos provide wild event action

The rodeo facilities from ViPa-Eventmodule are real crowd pullers. Wherever they are set up, people gather to dare a wild ride on a rodeo bull themselves or to watch the brave riders see how long they can hold on to the bull's back.

State-of-the-art technology is used for this. Our high-quality multiride system can be equipped with various attachments. In addition to the classic bullriding, we offer the bouncer based on the same technology. In this special rodeo system, two "tree trunks" rotate in circles faster and faster and with changing directions. For the participants, it is a matter of avoiding the circling trunks by correctly timed jumps and staying on their platform as long as possible.

The game is controlled either by automatic programmes or manually via joystick. The large inflatable drop cushions of our rodeo facilities (8 m diameter at the bouncer) ensure safety.

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