Sportboarding 3in1 panna 15x8

€ 1.499,95*
Delivery time on request
This product is TÜV certified
Customizable to your wishes
EN14960-1:2019 certified
Size: 15,2m x 7,7m x 0,8m
Pack size: 1,2m x 1,0 x 1,0m
Weight: 100 kg
Transport bag
This product can be customized to your wishes!

the 3in1 panna sport boarding is a very multi-functional cushion when it comes to playing games, various field sports and racket sports. the panna 3in1 is a manageable cushion and can be easily rolled up. The panna 3in1 is easily adaptable and can be made in broad lines to the wishes of the customer.

We are happy to produce this device according to your wishes. Size, color, features - we can adapt everything.

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