Boxer Champion

€ 2.495,00*
Delivery time on request
Size: 110cm x 70cm x 215cm
Weight: 120 kg


Let's get ready to rumble! With the most popular boxing machine from our range, everyone can become a boxing champion in one fell swoop.

It offers an impact, speed and reflex measurement for the hits on the punching ball, the resistance of which can be variably adjusted. The result can be seen immediately on the central digital display and provides information about who has the potential to become a real champion. In addition, the blows are accompanied by comments that rate the performance of the individual boxers. There are several voices to choose from.

The robust Boxer Champion boxer cannot be knocked down so quickly and, thanks to its high quality of materials and workmanship, survives many rounds without complaint. Even in continuous operation, for example in an arcade, it does not give up. At the factory, this automatic boxing machine has an attractive look that will attract a lot of attention and will score with guests.

- Available in standard optics or with any desired graphic
- Power comment with multiple voices to choose from
- Available in different languages
- Impact, speed and reflex measurement
- Smooth electronics
- Electronic system for car diagnostics
- Adjustable degree of impact
- Programmable electronic projector
- Record setting
- Credit function
- Electronic counter
- Full service
- CE certificate

Best quality * Excellent service *
- The design is flexible. We would be happy to help you produce this device according to your wishes.
- We can customize everything: size, color, game characteristics.
- Visit us and convince yourself of the first-class quality of our products.
- Buy directly from the manufacturer - at unbeatable prices!

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