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Sportboarding 4 goals 8x8

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€ 1.999,95* excl. VAT excl. shipping costs
Product customization

This product can be customized and changed according to your needs. Contact us through our website so that we can discuss your change requests together.

Product information


Size: 8m x 8m x 1,5m

Weight: 120 kg

Sku: Not specified

  • This product is TÜV certified
  • Customizable to your wishes
  • EN14960-1:2019 certified

Shipping & Content

Pack size: 1,2m x 1m x 1m

  • Instructions
  • Transport bag

More information


The sports boarding 4 goals offers a unique alternative to the regular sports boarding where only two goals are present and often have a rectangular shape. This sports board is suitable for smaller spaces and accommodates various field games.